Academic achievement

We are passionate believers in the power of education. The ability to control their own futures and make their own choices is heavily influenced by their academic abilities and we encourage each and every child to reach as far as they possibly can through formal education. We make sure they understand that they have to take control of that process themselves and learn to study.

During their residential year with us, we lay the foundations and give them the confidence to continue to educate themselves once they have moved on. We coach them in every spare moment and teach them how to study; the children start with a huge disadvantage compared with their school colleagues, but by the end of the year and after they have moved on they are often at the top of their classes.

Many have now gone on to take diplomas and gain university places; some of the older ones now have well paid professional careers.

When we look back just a few years it is incredible to witness the transformation in their lives and it is so clear that the commitment to these children is worth it.

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