We rescue street children in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

St George Foundation provides care, education, and a home.

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June 2024 Letter

30 June 2024

Hello All

I hope you are all well – I’d like to share some of my favourite photos from my recent trip.

St George Foundation is now twenty years old; we are fully integrated into the local society and work with local Police, Social services and government.  I met with two government ministers on my trip and both were full of praise for what we do. 

We have actually had over 3,000 children live with us now!  And we currently have about 300 a year coming through and staying with us at the home.  It is astonishing what we have done with your support and we do it all with 99% of the money donated getting to the actual cause.

And we are unique - We are the only children’s centre in Freetown and the surrounding area that will accept any child in need of help without question.   You will see in the photos abandoned babies (found in the streets) and disabled babies (left out to die), sadly many abuse cases coming through as well as the range of children that have been found and rescued from the streets.

My favourite picture of the whole trip was Yeama with babies on her lap.  Yeama is the ‘Mother’ and manager at the home and she is just the most loving person and dedicated to the job.

Helping her is her team of house ‘Aunties’ that cook and care for the children’s daily needs – all great.

Working with them are the social workers and other staff pictures here after church on Sunday.

(in their event uniforms)

Then all the children after church where we had all been blessed – formally

We took the whole group to the beach – always and fantastic day.

Here are some of the younger ones with Aunty Sally – THE MOST SMILEY PERSON EVER!

Some of the older children

And playing in the water (the sea is literally full of rubbish as can be seen in the surf).

I took loads of games and it took me the entire trip to teach them all to them….here some are playing the shopping game

And very rare – a picture of the two founders together and still committed – 20 years on –

Justina & Philip

Last picture is actually something we do with another organisation – Vibrant Villages where we train many of our children’s families in agriculture to help them become self-sufficient.

Thank you always for supporting us with this work – you are making a huge difference.

Very best wishes as always


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St George Foundation does not receive funds from national campaigns or the UK Government to support its vital work transforming children's lives. 

To support each child costs the charity £5/day, which includes the provision of food, shelter, medical care and enrolment at a local school. However, to continue our work we need your help.

97% of your donation is spent on the actual project: achieved by very low UK overheads and no paid staff in the UK