We rescue street children in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

St George Foundation provides care, education, and a home.

Latest update from Sierra Leone

Purchase of St George centre land

7 December 2021

We have made a great effort this year to purchase the site at Grafton. This has now happened and we are in the process of purchasing the adjoining bit that goes down to the river.

Thank you all for your help with this!  We thought you might like to see what we bought.

Below is a little film of the site that was created using a drone - this is even fascinating for us to see it from this view point!  You can clearly see all our buildings and the playing field in front that leads down to the road.

Just for information we are looking at the group of rectangular buildings that the film focuses on and the building behind the trees belong to the Scouts. 

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Recent news

Duke update

6 December 2021

I know a lot of you have been greatly concerned and often we have had questions about how Duke is getting. We have news of his operation. As you know he suffered terrible burns to his bottom and has...  more >>

Fundraising to purchase centre land

9 November 2021

The Grafton site and our centre now belongs to St George Foundation! This is a huge step forward for us as an organisation that will bring a level of stability for future years and we would very much like...  more >>

2021 AGM

11 October 2021

The 2021 AGM will again be held by Zoom from 11.00am to 12.00 noon on Saturday 6th November, and will include a brief financial update, an update from Philip Dean, and Justina and the children at the Centre. If...  more >>
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Help these children today

St George Foundation does not receive funds from national campaigns or the UK Government to support its vital work transforming children's lives. 

To support each child costs the charity £5/day, which includes the provision of food, shelter, medical care and enrolment at a local school. However, to continue our work we need your help.

97% of your donation is spent on the actual project: achieved by very low UK overheads and no paid staff in the UK