Garden Party - thank you!

18 July 2022

Thank you everyone for coming to our 2022 Garden Party. We raised a brilliant £3,176 for St George Foundation and it was a great afternoon.

A few photos from the event are below!

Can I also say a special huge thank you to all those that volunteered their time or things that helped us make this a great success. 

  • The bakers who made cakes, those that helped provide and serve the teas and cakes, the BBQ team, the coffees the stall holders who staffed the plants, the activities, face painters, the bric-a-brac, the ferret man and the photographer.
  • To the musicians who were wonderful and created a lovely relaxing atmosphere - thank you all.
  • Barnaby's Coffee shop for their support and donation.
  • The team that helped us plan the whole event in the weeks before and all those that worked really hard to prepare the site for the day.  My lovely wife Jo for all her support and vision making it all look lovely on the day.
  • And another special thank you to all the car owners who showed their cars and made it a very interesting event,  Matt who brought Mr Bean's Mini along.
  • A friend who lent us his marquees and another friend who gave rides in his open top Land Rover for the kids.
  • And definitely not least - Owtons butchers who donated all the burgers and sausages we used on the BBQ and Stainers bakery for their buns - everyone thought the BBQ was delicious.