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Garden Party - thank you!

18 July 2022

Thank you everyone for coming to our 2022 Garden Party. We raised a brilliant £3,176 for St George Foundation and it was a great afternoon.

A few photos from the event are below!

Can I also say a special huge thank you to all those that volunteered their time or things that helped us make this a great success. 

  • The bakers who made cakes, those that helped provide and serve the teas and cakes, the BBQ team, the coffees the stall holders who staffed the plants, the activities, face painters, the bric-a-brac, the ferret man and the photographer.
  • To the musicians who were wonderful and created a lovely relaxing atmosphere - thank you all.
  • Barnaby's Coffee shop for their support and donation.
  • The team that helped us plan the whole event in the weeks before and all those that worked really hard to prepare the site for the day.  My lovely wife Jo for all her support and vision making it all look lovely on the day.
  • And another special thank you to all the car owners who showed their cars and made it a very interesting event,  Matt who brought Mr Bean's Mini along.
  • A friend who lent us his marquees and another friend who gave rides in his open top Land Rover for the kids.
  • And definitely not least - Owtons butchers who donated all the burgers and sausages we used on the BBQ and Stainers bakery for their buns - everyone thought the BBQ was delicious.


Fundraising tea party with classic car show

22 May 2022

Another upcoming event for the diary - is another tea party (with car show added in) at Swanmore again.

Saturday 25 June 12:30 to 5:30 pm, Vicarage Lane, Swanmore, Southampton.


It’s ambitious again and not only a tea party with an afternoon of live music including Jazz Quintet (Terminology) and Vera Lynn tribute act (Serina Lin) and sole guitarist (Marvin Naylor).

Added this year is a classic car show - with the ‘’star attraction being Mr Bean’s mini’’ (the actual mini in the film) along with classics and some hot rods.  Hoping to attract lots of children to come and have their photos with Mr Bean's Mini!  Just in case you can’t picture it, here is quite a funny clip:

As well at cream teas will be BBQ sausages and burgers to eat  - donated by Owtons butchers (Thank you!)

Plus a ferret show and bouncy castle and entertainment for children so the whole family can come.

The main attraction may turn out to be a foal being born on the day – there is a birth due on the day in the field that we are using so hoping it turns up a day early and something for the children to see.

Land purchased completed

21 May 2022

Great news to share and that is that we have managed to complete the purchase of the entire plot that we wanted for the St George Foundation centre.   A huge thank you for the all the donations and I do have to say a very special thank you to some who were super generous.  The stability gained really does change the prospects for St George in the future and owning a site with a secure water supply is so valuable and we can get on with our own plans as we choose. See this video for some drone footage of the site:

One of the things we have chosen to do is move the local office from the city onto the same site as the home and have everything in one place so the work has started to convert the guest block/store room into an office with new guest accommodation being built above it (hint there – we really would like supporters to visit when completed).  The whole conversion is relatively inexpensive at around £5000 so we will have to raise that but hopefully if people can visit and stay on site it will repay itself quite quickly.

One supporter who has made it out there is showing commitment!   Back in the UK and helping raise funds - our friend Abid Gangat is doing a 100 mile bike ride very soon to raise funds.  Please do visit his link to see a bit more and encourage him?

Good luck Abid!

Land purchase fundraising complete!

8 February 2022

We have all the money to buy the 'next door land' to the centre, including money for tax and legal fees. Thank you so much to all who have donated towards this appeal.

We hope to complete the purchase within the next month.

Purchase of St George centre land

7 December 2021

We have made a great effort this year to purchase the site at Grafton. This has now happened and we are in the process of purchasing the adjoining bit that goes down to the river.

Thank you all for your help with this!  We thought you might like to see what we bought.

Below is a little film of the site that was created using a drone - this is even fascinating for us to see it from this view point!  You can clearly see all our buildings and the playing field in front that leads down to the road.

Just for information we are looking at the group of rectangular buildings that the film focuses on and the building behind the trees belong to the Scouts. 

Duke update

6 December 2021

I know a lot of you have been greatly concerned and often we have had questions about how Duke is getting.

We have news of his operation.

As you know he suffered terrible burns to his bottom and has not been able to go to the toilet naturally since before we got involved.  He did suffer a period of very unstable health at the beginning but our local team have done a very professional job getting him help and making him feel safe and welcome.  He has greatly improved in health and spirit since we have cared for him and has learned to use a colostomy bag quite successfully.

On Wednesday (8th December) he will undergo an operation to restore the use of his back passage.   This will involve cutting through the scars to open him up again and a skin graft in the immediate area.   After which the expectation is that he will be able to stop using the colostomy bag and go to the toilet naturally.

He will still have another skin graft operation at a later date to deal with the large scars on his buttocks where he still has a serious problem but this operation now should restore his functions.

Of course we will update you on how the operation went and we expect many of you will have him in your thoughts and prayers on the day and as he recovers.

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