Commercial enterprises

As well as benefiting from St George Foundation UK fund raising, St George Foundation Sierra Leone has also been supported through commercial funding from enterprises willing to donate some of their profits to the charity. This started with the founder’s clothing business; profits from goods sold are donated directly to St George Foundation, without any additional cost to the customer.

In 2008 we agreed that St George Sierra Leone could also make the most of opportunities within Sierra Leone to raise their own funds, independent of the UK Charity. An experimental fledgling car hire business was created, and a thirty acre rice crop was planted.

Embroidered Hoodies

Printed and embroidered hoodies and polo shirts make up the bulk of the clothing business.

In particular, with the generous support of student customers, many thousands of pounds have been raised through the sale of school leavers’ hoodies and ski trip hoodies - see specialist website:


Rice Farming

This project started in 2008 with 30 acres and has grown to nearly 400 acres planted 2012. The rice crop has proved very productive and each year to 2012, doubled the investment. Bad weather in 2012/13 resulted in a poor harvest so the profits donated to the charity were lower, but could provide a sustainable income over time.

The rice project involves using community land and is in partnership with a local village which benefits from the opportunity for paid work.  Also, every child in the village has their school fees paid and emergency medical cover is supplied for the villagers. With further investment this project could not only support the charity's work but add real value to the local economy within Sierra Leone.

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