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Purchase of centre funding update

22 October 2021

We are delighted to announce that this week we completed the purchase process of the Grafton site and it now belongs to St George Foundation. It is a huge step forward for us as an organisation that will bring a level of stability for future years and we would very much like to say a very sincere thank you for all of your support and to those particularly who have helped fund that purchase.

We are now going to turn our attention to securing the other part of the site and plan to bring that into use for an environmental project which is going to become an ever increasing area of concern for Sierra Leone and the children we are working with.  Much more details to come on that though.

The cost is a further $35,000 (£26,000) and we have now have only £9,000 left to raise! Loans or donations will be very welcome. Any loans will be repaid within 5 years.

2021 AGM

11 October 2021

The 2021 AGM will again be held by Zoom from 11.00am to 12.00 noon on Saturday 6th November, and will include a brief financial update, an update from Philip Dean, and Justina and the children at the Centre.

If you would like to attend, please apply by email to by Saturday 30 th October.

Duke update

10 October 2021

Duke continues to join in with the other children at The Centre. Doctors recently decided that he was not yet ready for his operation, but he will continue to be closely monitored.

Grafton Site purchase update - October 2021

11 October 2021

Thank you to our supporters for your continuing donations and support.

With your help we have purchased the Centre and land for $35,000, and would now like to purchase the next-door site. This will ensure we do not have developments on our boundary, and will allow much easier access to our Well. The cost is a further $35,000, but we expect to be able to raise about $10,000 of this sum in Sierra Leone.

Loans or donations will be very welcome. Any loans will be repaid within 5 years.

St George July-August 2021 update

30 September 2021

Family Tracing and Reunification

Over the summer we are pleased to say that we have traced and reunified 20 children with their families. That’s 11 girls and 9 boys back where they should be And the parents very happy to have their children back!

Provide life skills and psychosocial first aid to children at the ICC As always we hope that a stay at St George Foundation gives skills to children that help with their ongoing lives. This is wide ranging from oral and body hygiene to cultural dance, drama and singing. Singing and dancing have always been a core part of what we do and great activities that can involve all the children and get them all joining in. Story telling is also a skill the children will learn and without modern day distractions the other children listen with real interest and enthusiasm and we hold competitions with this too.

Follow up visit on UK Sponsored Children

Over the August holiday we have been monitoring sponsored children. A total of 40 boys and 21 girls we followed up in mostly village locations. This involved not only the children but their care givers and the local schools they attend. The vast majority of children were successfully contacted and it was clear that we do need to keep supporting these children to go to school.Many were feeling the pressure of additional school charges, text books and food. Most have the children are performing well and some children have moved onto technical learning of trades which is encouraging.


As you mostly know we work with another charity Toybox on certain projects and in particular street work. One of those joint projects is to work with children in the Mabella community and they appreciated our efforts so much that a group for people from Mabella came to the Scout Camp and presented us with an award. They were recognizing the work we had done in their community to get hundreds of children back to school (who were not attending and on the edge of being street children) and also establishing a savings and loan scheme for local families.

Medical Report

Over the summer months for us it’s the rainy season in Sierra Leone and a time when people are more prone to being ill. Over July and August we 8 children and 7 members of staff that needed hospital attention. Five children were suffering from fevers caused by heavy colds, two with malaria and a boy with a heart condition. The really sad news is that having joined forces with another charity Caritas they found the funding for him to travel to India for a lifesaving operation – but he died of before we could get him there.

Present number of children at the ICC.

Over the whole summer we actually reunified 28 children and took in 20 new ones. Its actually one of the lowest number of children residential that we have had for a long time with just 27 children currently living with us (12 boys and 15 girls)

Sad news

14 September 2021

We are really sad to announce the death of a boy we have been working for.

After the fire a few months ago we discovered one of the boys we took in at the time had a persistent breathing problem.  We discovered he had a hole in his heart.

With great work from our team in Freetown they secured funding for him to travel to India and have a life saving operation and we were just getting his passport sorted.

He has sadly died from heart failure while waiting on September 13th.

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