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October Update

30 October 2019

Recent Activities

  • Building bridges for learning opportunities for children.
  • Outreach programs with children to build and reinforce children’s confidence and social development.
  • Enhancing education for children with support from external and internal volunteers.
  • Positioning the organisation through networking and collaboration with partner organisation and private individuals.

Other Updates

  • 19 girls and 11 boys have been admitted at the ICC since January 2019.
  • 17 girls and 10 boys have been reunited with their families.
  • 99% of enrolled children were promoted to new classes this academic year.

September Update

26 September 2019

Flood Children

There have been 83 children on site at Grafton, partly as a result of the displacement of children due to the flooding. The number is now down to 77 as reunifications start. 50 of these were flood victims, but another 50 flood victims have been supported in the community.  As they go home each child is being given a small set of school books, a book bag and stationary so they have something to start school again, together with replacement clothing.  While staying at the Centre, they have been given informal teaching by our own social workers.

Nursing Volunteers

A nurse from St George Church in Germany will be visiting the Centre from October to end of December. She will be concentrating on training the staff and the resident Centre nurse in particular.

It is also planned for her to be working on a programme with the severely disabled children, who have all improved considerably since Hilary visited the Centre earlier in the year.  Even though Hilary was ill much of the time and returned early, it seems she has planted a seed that has been really positive for these children.

A volunteer student paediatric nurse is also going to visit the Centre in early October, as she has a nursing placement in two hospitals in Freetown. It is hoped that both she and St George Foundation will benefit from her visit.

Water Update

We are hoping to have clean water piped in soon.

CRS (Catholic Relief service) bought land for a community group at Grafton, very close to the Centre. They have their own large dam that supplies them with water and the community is in agreement that St George can access that water, but it has to pass a neighbouring (industrial)  property to reach the main road and then the pipes will be laid along the  highway so avoiding private property and the scouts land.

The negotiations are well advanced and the industrial site owners have been able to negotiate to gain access too, but in order to do that they are going to lay larger pipes (paid for by the owners of the industrial site).  They are just waiting for that work to be completed and then we can bury the pipe along the highway edge and ensure it then gets to the Centre. 


We are also expecting to be connected to the electricity supply soon.

We have paid our deposit (50%), but the electricity company is waiting for the remainder of the neighbouring properties that want electricity to pay their deposits too in order to make the final connections.  It seems that the electricity company is waiting for a critical mass to have paid to justify completing this. 

Flooding Emergency in Freetown

9 August 2019

There has been serious flooding, loss of life and displaced children in Freetown, who urgently need help. The following news appeal is provided by Justina Conteh from St George Foundation in Sierra Leone.

Tackling shocks and depression experiences by children affected by flooding in Freetown area

Over 2 months (August and September 2019), this project will provide temporal shelter, food and non-food items for 100 children displaced by flood waters in Bathurst, Regent, Kaningo, Culvert, Congo Town Bridge and Tombo communities in Western Area Urban and Rural districts. This would help the children to recover from the disaster, and prepare them to safely return to their families and begin schooling in September 2019. It will further help the affected children gain access to key facilities, like temporal shelter, food, clothing and learning materials to enhance short, medium and long-term growth and development.

Expected Results

100 children in Bathurst, Regent, Kaningo, Culvert, Congo Town Bridge and Tombo communities displaced by flood waters in Freetown and environs are protected through the provision of temporal shelter, and food and non-food items to help them recover from effects of depression and shocks experienced during the floods, and to better prepare them to return to their families and schools in good health.

The project will be led St George Foundation, in partnership with St George Foundation UK, Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs and participating communities.

Why it matters

On August 2nd 2019, Freetown experienced heavy rainfall causing severe flooding in the whole city including communities of Regent, Culvert, Congo Town Bridge, Bathurst and Kaningo. On the same day, a mudslide occurred in Bathurst community killing two persons; and flood waters damaged homes, wrecked household assets, and injured people particularly women and children in the above communities. On 6th August 2019 again, another devastating flood took place in Tombo, a fishing village very close to Waterloo which left hundreds of families displaced. It is estimated that over 800 flood affected children presently need shelter, food and clothing support.

Project Activities

  1. Collaborate with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs to enrol 100 flood affected children at the St. George Interim Care Centre in Grafton for 2 months
  2. Provide food and non-food items including learning materials for 100 flood affected children
  3. Reunite children with their families and communities

Overall budget: £5000

Why St George Foundation?

St George Foundation, Sierra Leone, has vast experience in humanitarian emergency work including children affected by flood.

As can be seen from the above SGF in Sierra Leone urgently need about £5000 in order to help 100 affected children. Please donate whatever you can to help.

Center Manager

2 August 2019

Aruna has been the centre manager for several years. He is perfect for the role - very caring and responsible.

Unfortunately, he has discovered that his wife has a hole in the heart and needs an urgent operation. They are raising $6,000 in order to have an operation in Ghana. We have been raising funds specifically for this purpose, and hoped to raise up to $1,500. We have sent $750 already, so are hoping to raise more funds.

AGM 2019

30 November 2019

The 2019 AGM will be held on Saturday 30th November at the Paterson Centre, Swanmore with an update from founder, Philip Dean.

Where: Paterson Centre, Swanmore, SO32 2PA
When: Saturday 30th November. 10.00am to 13.00pm


  • 10.00 - 11.00am  Coffee and chat
  • 11.00 - 12.00pm  AGM and update from Philip
  • 12.00 - 1.00pm  Light lunch

Games Evening

1 September 2019

A games evening is being planned for the Autumn – to be held in the Paterson Centre, Swanmore, SO32 2PA.

Date to be agreed. Watch this space!

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