Formal education

Children entering the programme have often missed years of education, most not even knowing the alphabet, but St George Foundation has maintained a passion for giving all their children the benefit of formal education.

Our belief is that all children should attend school and be given every opportunity that other children have. Not only do they benefit from the discipline of attendance and learning, it also gives them the opportunity to excel and make something of themselves in their future lives.

The value of education is one of the very key messages that we instil in the children from the moment we start working with them.

The children benefit from extra tutoring with us in addition to their school timetable, enabling them not only to make up on lost time but often to pass their class colleagues. Much to their credit the local schools have worked well with us on these children, often enabling them to be promoted up through the classes as their abilities grow rather than waiting for the end of the school year to change class. Usually the children will be in the correct group for their age and quite able to hold their own academically at the end of the first year on the St George programme.

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